Toyama with “The Beast"

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I have a rather large collection of cameras. That means when I want to go out shooting, I have a very long and laboured process of choosing which camera to take. I usually take too many. Sometimes I get it right. Of all the cameras I have, the Pentax 67II is probably the one I enjoy the most. Granted it is big, heavy, super loud and a pain to load, but the results speak for themselves. …

Last Roll of Astia

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I do like the look of positive film. Sort of a darker, moodier rendering of the scenes I shoot. Of all the positive films available, I like those by Fujifilm the most. And of all the ones made by Fujifilm, it was the muted colours of Astia that I preferred. Velvia was always a bit of a hooligan in terms of colours for me, except for the landscapes on the brightest of sunny days. …

Cinestill 50 Film

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OK, I know, I have been seriously sow in updating anything on this web site. Some of you might even have completely forgotten about the place. I have been very busy at work and also using a huge amount of time to try and catalogue all of my film - a MUCH bigger piece of work than I ever imagined. I have been slaving over a hot scanner for much of my spare time. …

Graham Street Markets in Hong Kong

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I have been re-scanning a lot of my older films - take more than 6 years ago in Hong Kong. I took a lot of photos around some of the street markets on Hong Kong Island, that at that time were thriving local hubs and very photogenic. Sadly the very best of them - Graham Street - has come under the wrecking ball in the name of “progress”. …

Shek O - Hong Kong

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Firstly, apologies for taking such a long time to put up a new page. I have been very busy at work and traveling, both get in the way of me doing this. In fact I have not had much time with my cameras for a few weeks. Time to fix that - obviously just in time for the painfully hot months in Tokyo.

Most of my life, I have lived in Hong Kong. …

Nikka Distillery

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I am a big fan of single malt whisky. With Scottish ancestors, I thought - with some degree of certainty - that only the Scots could make the stuff. Since finding that the Japanese can actually outdo the Scots at their own game, I have become a firm fan of Japanese Single Malt. The one I like most - and there are only 3-4 good ones in Japan - is that made in Hokkaido by the Nikka distillery. …


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Wanchai is a district on the main island in Hong Kong. It is one of the older sections of the city, and some of the older sections still survive. The old tram line effectively marks the original shoreline, so all the older stuff is south of the tram line. The oldest temple on Hong Kong Island still stands, now surrounded by developments, roads and double decker buses. …


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Japan is famous for the annual blooming of Cherry Blossoms, called Sakura. The whole country becomes obsessed with the time the blooms will come, signalling spring. They only last for a few days and probably are at their best for around 36 hours. Tokyo normally gets the blossoms around the beginning of April, depending on the speed at which Spring has arrived. …


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Almost everyone in Asia has seen the small statues of the welcoming cat, very common in shops in Hong Kong. I wanted to go and visit the shrine where these originated. It is in suburban Tokyo in a place called Gotokuji. I took along my Nikon F6 and “The Beast” - my Pentax 67II medium format camera. I packed Kodak Portra colour negative film in 160 and 400 ISO. For the F6 I had Kodak Ektar 100. …

Scanning Negatives


Since the majority of my photos are taken using film, scanning has become one of the necessary evils of getting the results I want. I have a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED scanner (who made this product name up I wonder) and use Vuescan software on an iMac. I have tried all kinds of techniques and have been especially frustrated by colour negatives. …

Dogo Onsen


An Onsen is a Japanese style hot spring bath - and the Onsen in Matsuyama in Shikoku is probably the most famous of all. It even has a special bath for the Emperor, which I understand is not used very often at all. It is a very traditional looking wooden building that is strangely in the middle of a lot of modern development and looked over by a lot of high rise hotels that serve the curious like myself. …

Kochi Castle


To the South of Shikoku is the town of Kochi. It is a famous fishing town and boats some amazing restaurants for fish. I am not a usually a huge fish fan, but this place was heaven for me. It has a fabulous castle right in the middle of the city and I dragged my Mamiya 645 there at both sunset and sunrise to photograph it. …

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