Almost last - final rolls of Kodak E100VS

I in an earlier post, I am running down stocks of films that can no longer be found, last was PRESTO and now I am on my final rolls of Ektachrome 100VS. This is quite the colour hooligan film - even when compared with the colour-fest of Fujifilm Velvia. It doesn’t do shadow well, it can be more grainy than ideal for a 100ISO positive stock, but it is just right for some subjects. The bright colours o the Gingko trees in Tokyo are one of those subjects. I took a Nikon F3 (full flavour version with the monster motor drive) and a Nikkor 50mm F1.2 AiS lens to see what I could find. These are the results.


See what I mean about shadows? If this was Portra or Ektar it would be a lot more detail in the shadows.


The Nikkor 50/1.2 is becoming one of my favourite lenses, these results are magical.


This small child appeared from nowhere, but helped make the photo more interesting.


The colours can be really eye popping, especially in sombre surroundings.


I love the “golden carpet” look.


Sometimes hundreds of these trees can be in a row along a major road, and the result can be quite beautiful.


So now you know where I took these. This is Meguro Dori.


Sunshine helps a lot.

I have one more roll of the E100VS, so will think of a suitable “farewell” subject for it and post the results here.

In the meantime - Happy New Year to everyone.

© David Runacres 2014