Analog Nezu Photowalk

The previous post was the digital series from the Nezu photowalk with Mr Shoottokyo. I also took along a analog beast - in this case my beloved Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I had a couple of lenses and bunch of rolls of the now discontinued Fuji Astia positive film in 120 format.  This was a perfect set for the kind of day - and the wonderful subject matter. Nothing beats the look of medium format in my mind. Some of the photos look very like the digital ones shown earlier, but trust me, when blown up to large size, well, night and day.

M645 Astia 073

The light was perfect towards the end of the walk. A cemetery in Yanaka.

M645 Astia 075

Not quite sure what they were getting at here.

M645 Astia 070

Cups of efferings on grave in Yanaka

M645 Astia 061

Up the steps at Nezu Shrine

M645 Astia 047

A bit of a cliche I guess. Nezu Shrine.

M645 Astia 059

Nezu Shrine detail

M645 Astia 030

Buddah, Yanaka

M645 Astia 028

Don't wear shoes here. Yanaka.

M645 Astia 026

Control the rainwater. Yanaka.

M645 Astia 001

Photo Walkers in the mirror. Yanaka.

M645 Astia 046

Temple stone lantern. Nezu Shrine.

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