Another Kamakura Trip


I sometimes get together with my buddy Dave Powell (of Shoot Tokyo fame - who is a dedicated film shooter and Leica lover. He is always a lot of fun with boundless energy. We decided to visit Kamakura and carry one film and one digital body each. Dave scored high on the value stakes with a Leica M6-J and Lecia M9 Monochrome - I slummed it a little with a Sigma DP2 Merrill and a Mamiya 645 Pro TL. …

Meiji Shrine


Just outside the Harajuku Station on the circular Yamanote Line, there is the main shrine for the whole nation - the Meiji Shrine. It is huge as it is inside a very large park. During the New year celebrations it is packed with nearly a million visitors over a period of a few days. I do not want to go there then. …

Kamakura - First Visit


I decided to take a trek to see the famous big buddah in Kamakura. I had just taken possession of  a Nikon D3S camera body and some cool lenses and was keen to try them out. For me it was a challenge to take a few different trains and make a 120-km journey outside of the bounds of the City of Tokyo to the seaside. …

Kyoto - Film and Digital

V500 Portra400VC 103

Kyoto is sort of a photographers paradise. It is chock full of temples and shrines (over 2,000) and fabulously easy to get around. Saved from damage during the bombing of WWII - although more damage has been done by developers since then - it still has many of the older districts and fabulous architecture that must have been commonplace in Japan pre-1940. …


Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121115-0002

Kawagoe is about 1.5 hours by train from central Tokyo. It is supposed to be one of the examples of an early Edo street with original buildings. Well that is kind of right. What it really is cannot be counted as very interesting. It is a street that is a permanent mix of pedestrian and car traffic name lined by tourist trap shops. …



Akasaka is part of the old "Yoshiwara" or red light district of the former Edo capital city. It used to be the place where the rich went to do almost anything they wanted in pursuit of pleasure. Much has changed. badly damaged during the bombing of WWII, almost all of the old buildings are gone and much of what remains of interest are actually reconstructions of the originals. …


Nikon F5 Ektar 009

Next to Meguro, heading West is Yutenji. This place really shows that Tokyo is a large collection of villages. It really has that village feel. There is a small and very unprepossessing station, with a circular taxi rank outside and a few designated "shopping streets" with very tacky banners at the entrance. …

Around My Home


I live in Meguro - part of Tokyo to the south of the main centre and just outside of the JR Yamanote circle line. It takes me around 35 minutes to bus, train and walk my way to the office in Akasaka - so by Tokyo standards it is extremely convenient. It is also a cool place to live, with many restaurants, shops and even some funky temples around to give it real character. …



Many photographers have taken gorgeous photos of the orange Tori gates at the Inari (Fox)  shrine in Kyoto - look it up on Flickr to see. Little known is that there is a much smaller, but very photogenic Inari shrine in Tokyo that is a lot of fun to shoot as well. It is in a north eastern part called Nezu. …

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