Tokyo International Forum

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Tokyo is about modern as much as it is about history. In fact the city contains some of the most stunning modern architecture. For some time, Tokyo led the world in commissioning avant garde buildings. One of the most stunning is the Tokyo International Forum, a venue for meetings, shows and art near to Tokyo Station right in the heart of the city. …

Nezu Analog

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During my recent trip to the Nezu shrine, I took along both a Fujifilm X-E1 and some lenses and my Hasselblad 500CM with the standard lens. Here are some of the photos from the Hasselbld. I usually carry two film back, one with colour film (in this case Kodak Porta 160VC) and one with B&W film (in this case Kodak TMAX 400). …

Nezu Digital


I really like the shrine in Nezu - to the north of the city of Tokyo. The Inari shrine there has a very small version of the Fushimi shrine in Kyoto. It is quite popular and does make a great location for photos. For some reason I prefer it in dimmer light, as it adds to the mood of the place. This time I took a Fujifilm X-E1 camera with the fabulous 35mm F1.4 lens from Fuji on the front. …



During December I had to make a number of trips to Australia to see my Mother who was very ill. My parents had retired to Mornington in Victoria. It is a lovely small town that used to be a mixture of a holiday resort and small fishing port. Now it is home to many retirees. It was a typical Melbourne summer, being actually colder than the winter in Tokyo for much of the time. …

A January Photowalk


Having spent some time with Dave Powell a couple of weeks earlier, I attended one of his Photowalks that are held on a intermittent schedule in Tokyo. This one one was inspired by the Coming of Age Day tradition of 20 years girls getting getting spectacularly dressed up in traditional Kimonos to go to events fro the special day. …

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