Black and White Nezu

M645 TMAX  077

This is the final (I promise) in the series from the Nezu Photowalk. This time I am showing some photos from the 2 rolls of Kodak TMAX 400 that I shot in my Mamiya. I was not extremely happy with the result, but want to post them here as a sample. I have, however, vowed to do more Black and White as I love the results when I gett he subject just right. …

Analog Nezu Photowalk

M645 Astia 073

The previous post was the digital series from the Nezu photowalk with Mr Shoottokyo. I also took along a analog beast - in this case my beloved Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I had a couple of lenses and bunch of rolls of the now discontinued Fuji Astia positive film in 120 format.  This was a perfect set for the kind of day - and the wonderful subject matter. …

Digital Nezu Photowalk


My buddy Dave from Shoot Tokyo ( arranged a photowalk recently. We decided to head for Nezu to see the famous temple there and then head back around to Yanaka and see where our group took us. We had around 25 people show up and in a sort of random fashion we headed out. I took along two cameras that day - one film and one digital. …



I admit, I have the wrong nationality and grew up in the wrong country to have any clue about the game of baseball. It seems to be an arcane arrangement of folks in caps with very thin bats and a huge leather glove to make catching the ball seemingly dead simple. I had never had any experience of the game or even seen it on TV until I came to Japan. …

Meguro River - Sakura


Japan is famous for the Saukra (cherry blossom) that in so many ways defines Japan. It is a gorgeous riot of pink that appears for a very brief few days in early Spring all over the country. Japanese people admore the Sakura for the combined beauty of its perfection and very fleeting moment it achieves perfection before dying and being blown away by the spring winds so common in Japan. 


Sicily XPAN 0008

A couple of years ago, my wife and I wanted to take a trip to Europe, during the winter. We didn't want to pay for the tickets, so we wanted to redeem some of the millions of miles (literally) I had accumulated on Cathay Pacific over the years. Fligths were very full so we put in applications for London, Paris, Rome and Frankfurt figuring that one of them would come through and we could work out how to handle the holiday in any of those destinations. …

Shek O - Hong Kong


A little known aspect of Hong Kong is the countryside - yes, 70% of the land mass set aside for country parks. Hong Kong Island even has a sruf beach - only 30 minutes by Minibus from the subway lines. Amazing. At the far eastern end of Hong Kong Island is the small village of Shek O. Perched on a rocky outcrop sticking out into the South China Sea, it is a mixture of a shanty town and milionaires colelctive. …

Central Police Station and Victoria Prison in Hong Kong


I first moved to Hong Kong in 1987 - it was a long way from where I grew up and seemed really fascinating. I didn't have a job, but thought I could make something of the place. It was alive and endlessly fascinating. My first job was working in a small company that had an office on Old Bailey Street, one of the very steep streets going up the mountain from Hollywood Road towards Caine Road and "Mid Levels". …

Walking Meguro River

F6 Portra400 026

I live in Meguro, it is quite famous for the river that is lined with Cherry Trees, so is a huge hit with photographers during the 1 week the blossom is out. For the rest of the year the river is really little more than a large concrete drain and can sometimes even get a little smelly. Both sides of the river from Meguro in both East and West directions is pretty well equipped with paths and pleasant places to walk, so sometimes my wife and I take our labrador for walk along the river. …

Kasuga Taisha Temple - Nara Japan


Most people coming to Japan to enjoy the history and temples will go to Kyoto. With nearly 3,000 temples, that takes a lot of effort to get around and you will be rishly rewarded. Kyoto is the former capital of Japan until it was moved to what is now Tokyo only a relatively short period ago. Kyoto was not always the capital - before Kyoto, that honour went to Nara, which is about 50 kilometres from Kyoto and well worth the visit. …

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto


Before Tokyo (Edo) became the seat of the emporer in Japan, that job was entrusted to Kyoto - and interestingly before that it was Nara. Obviously for the Emporer to have a home, he must have a Palace. The Palace in Kyoto is actually far more impressive than the one in Tokyo, being both more accessible and certainly architecturally more interesting. …

Namdaemun Markets in Seoul


Over the past 26 years I have managed to collect well over 300 landing stamps from Seoul, Korea in my various passports. Initially from the truly terrible Kimp'o Airport and more recently from the simply fabulous Inch'on Airport. I have been all over Seoul during my business trips and seen a lot of a country that has changed an incredible amount since my first trip there in 1988. …

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