Fuji Provia 100F


I thought I would gather some photos made using a film I will spend an awful lot more time with. For some time, my favourite positive film was Fuji Astia 100 - but the economics of film being what it is - it was recently discontinued by Fuji and I shot probably my last roll of 120 a few weeks ago and have exactly 8 rolls of 135 left. …

Nara - Kasuga Taisha


About 2 years ago, I took my Mamiya 645 rig to Nara and Kyoto. I was busy re-scanning the rolls of film from that trip over the past few weeks and remembered just what good results I managed to get. The Mamiya is a very clever modular 6x4.5 format system. Like Hasselblad, you can change backs, bodies, finders and lenses to create a camera that works for you. …

Some of my Favourite Hasselblad Shots


I bought an old Hasselblad 500CM a few years ago, found in a secondhand camera shop in Hong Kong. I thought it would be a good way to learn a completely manual camera and really have a good try at Medium Format (6x6 in this case) photography. I have managed to work out the intricacies of light meters and focusing through a finder that is essentially backwards. …

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