Scanning Negatives


Since the majority of my photos are taken using film, scanning has become one of the necessary evils of getting the results I want. I have a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED scanner (who made this product name up I wonder) and use Vuescan software on an iMac. I have tried all kinds of techniques and have been especially frustrated by colour negatives. …

Dogo Onsen


An Onsen is a Japanese style hot spring bath - and the Onsen in Matsuyama in Shikoku is probably the most famous of all. It even has a special bath for the Emperor, which I understand is not used very often at all. It is a very traditional looking wooden building that is strangely in the middle of a lot of modern development and looked over by a lot of high rise hotels that serve the curious like myself. …

Kochi Castle


To the South of Shikoku is the town of Kochi. It is a famous fishing town and boats some amazing restaurants for fish. I am not a usually a huge fish fan, but this place was heaven for me. It has a fabulous castle right in the middle of the city and I dragged my Mamiya 645 there at both sunset and sunrise to photograph it. …



I have been completely buried with work for a few weeks - getting my business going for the 2015 business year. I have also been on a marathon scanning and catalog building effort having shot dozens of rolls of film during my Christmas vacation to Shikoku. So I apologise for being quiet and hope that a larger than usual post makes up for it.

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