Velvia 50 at Lake Kawaguchi

KawaguchiVelvia50M645 001.tif

With digital you ahve an instant ability to peruse, edit and share your photos - as soon as you get back to your computer. With film, you have to wait. Firstly it takes around 5 working days for my developer to complete the work on a medium format film - even longer if Black and White. Then I have to scan - in some cases multiple times and then edit the photos. …

Lake Kawaguchi


Mount Fuji is probably the most famous image the world knows from Japan. It is truly imposing and rises in almost perfect symmetry less than 150km from Tokyo and can be seen from many miles away - including my office desk on a clear day. Just north of the mountain there are a number of lakes - the largest of which is Lake Kawaguchi. …

Mitakesan Dog Shrine


I have a chocolate labrador dog, who is getting a bit on in years these days. She has come with me from Singapore to Hong Kong and now to Japan. She seems to enjoy Japan the most as, I guess, the weather is cooler and more easy on her. The people in Japan seem to really love dogs. Although here a dog is about the size of a cat, and often carried in bags or even pushed around in prams. …

The Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong


Dai Pai Dong means "big label" in Cantonese and refers to the permit that allowed these street restaurants to operate. Street dining is an art form in Hong Kong and somewhat now on the wane as the city gets wealthier and the value property means that many of the space that these used to use are now being developed or in some cases, whole areas are being raised in the name of "development". …

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