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Japan is famous for the annual blooming of Cherry Blossoms, called Sakura. The whole country becomes obsessed with the time the blooms will come, signalling spring. They only last for a few days and probably are at their best for around 36 hours. Tokyo normally gets the blossoms around the beginning of April, depending on the speed at which Spring has arrived. …


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Almost everyone in Asia has seen the small statues of the welcoming cat, very common in shops in Hong Kong. I wanted to go and visit the shrine where these originated. It is in suburban Tokyo in a place called Gotokuji. I took along my Nikon F6 and “The Beast” - my Pentax 67II medium format camera. I packed Kodak Portra colour negative film in 160 and 400 ISO. For the F6 I had Kodak Ektar 100. …

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