Streets of Meguro

Pentax67 PRO400N 009.jpg

I have been rather busy lately, as evidenced by my lack of update. Much of this has been work related, with me travelling more than 80,000 miles in a few weeks. On the photography front I have been moving my photo library of over 20,000 photos from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom - more on that later - as well as learning how to use my new beast of a camera. …

Kodak Portra 400

V500 Portr 400VC 012.jpg

Just like the Portra 160, this used to be available in NC and VC versions. Now it is simply sold as a single version as Portra 400. It is a really nice film, especially for medium format work where the grain is lost in the size of the negative. Colours are gorgeous and you can shoot it at the box rating of 400 without the need to over expose at all. …

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