Utsunomiya Part I


I went to the town of Utsunomiya recently to watch the Japan Cup Cycle race - I am a huge fan of professional cycling and this was too good a chance to miss to see some of the top World Tour riders in the world compete in a race in Japan. Utsunomiya itself is about 130 kilometers north of Tokyo in the mountains near Nikko. …

Temple Details

V500CM ACROS 009.jpg

I really enjoy some of the many thousands of shrines and temples around Japan. One of the favourite of all locations is Yanaka - an older area of Tokyo north of the Palace that was largely untouched during the war and thus remains in many ways as it was before then. It is famous for its extensive graveyards that include some of the imperial families as well as a huge number of specific shrines and various other landmarks. …

South Side of Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is the most famous symbol of Japan. I can see it from my desk at work and "Fuji-san" is a much venerated object in Japan. I had the chance to go to the south side of Mount Fuji and stay at a Ryokan (a small Jaapanese inn) in Fujinomiya. Apparently there is some disagreement as to what is the "front' of the mountain, but Fujinomiya is (by impartial parties) considered to be the real front of the mountain. …

London First Time


I had to be in London twice in 3 weeks recently, and managed to get some free time on the first trip to wander around the centre of the city and give my cameras a bit of a workout. The weather continued to be amazing and i was quite luckily bathed in sunlight for the whole day until I ahd to race for Heathrow and my flight back. 

Unusual England


For those of you who might have visited these pages regularly, you will have noticed that I have not posted for 3 or more weeks - well I have been travelling for work. I have been in the UK twice and to Hong Kong in the period, so I am sure you will forgive me the short break from blogging. On the first trip to the UK, I was attending a management training course held in the rather fabulous Oatlands Par Hotel in Weybridge in deepest Surrey. …

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