Out with my Blad

V500 Portra160VC019.jpg

I love my Hasselblad 500CM. It maybe is not the coolest of cameras and it does use film. Mine is a little less than pristine, looking like it has been well used. I have a 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lens for it and 3 film backs, so I can choose the type and ISO of film to suit. It is simplicity itself. I use a very complex Sekonic spot meter to ensure I measure the light just right. …


M645 Ektar 002.jpg

Next to the Tokyo Tower, there is a large park called Shibakoen - with all kinds of interesting things in it. Shrines, temples, an actual park etc. I love one of the temples as it has former imperial graves and a special section devoted to young children who died. These are not sad, but joyful memorials for a life that never got to be what they could have been. …

Daienji Shrine

EOS1V E100VS 037.jpg

I know I have been a little quiet recently. Work has been getting a lot more busy, and an awful lot more stressful. Dragging a camera out on the weekends has been one of my means of relaxation, but then I need time to get the films processed, even more importantly, scanned. I will do a blog post on how I do all of that at some point, along with some posts on the gear I use. …

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