Lake Chuzenji - Last Roll of Neopan 400 PRESTO

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0012.jpg

I took a long weekend break with my wife and went to Nikko, North of Tokyo, to look at the autumn leaves and relax in an Onsen. Lake Chuzenji is in a volcanic bowl around 2,000 metres altitude and fed from underground water sources. Next to the lake is a miniature version of Mount Fuji, around another 300 metres higher and perfectly symmetrical. …

Fujifilm Provia 400X


I thought I would post some blog posts on film types - some nice people had sent me emails that they found them useful as they tried to select film. Today is another one - and a very special one - Fujifilm Provia 400X. It is a positive (slide) film and I think the only colour positive film still made at 400ASA. …

Boats and Things

F3 Provia400X006.jpg

Sorry for being away for a while. This time I was luxuriating (?) in a hospital in Tokyo while having some surgery. Once I got back I did some huge scanning and editing session and now have some photos to put up here on the blog.

Tokyo, in fact Japan, is a maritime place. Fishing has often given way to cargo ships and containers, but sometimes you can still come across communities connected to the water - even in Tokyo. …

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