Toyama with “The Beast"

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I have a rather large collection of cameras. That means when I want to go out shooting, I have a very long and laboured process of choosing which camera to take. I usually take too many. Sometimes I get it right. Of all the cameras I have, the Pentax 67II is probably the one I enjoy the most. Granted it is big, heavy, super loud and a pain to load, but the results speak for themselves. …

Last Roll of Astia

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I do like the look of positive film. Sort of a darker, moodier rendering of the scenes I shoot. Of all the positive films available, I like those by Fujifilm the most. And of all the ones made by Fujifilm, it was the muted colours of Astia that I preferred. Velvia was always a bit of a hooligan in terms of colours for me, except for the landscapes on the brightest of sunny days. …

Cinestill 50 Film

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OK, I know, I have been seriously sow in updating anything on this web site. Some of you might even have completely forgotten about the place. I have been very busy at work and also using a huge amount of time to try and catalogue all of my film - a MUCH bigger piece of work than I ever imagined. I have been slaving over a hot scanner for much of my spare time. …

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