Digital Nezu Photowalk

My buddy Dave from Shoot Tokyo ( arranged a photowalk recently. We decided to head for Nezu to see the famous temple there and then head back around to Yanaka and see where our group took us. We had around 25 people show up and in a sort of random fashion we headed out. I took along two cameras that day - one film and one digital. This set of from the digital camera. It is particular favourite of mine -the  Seiko Epson R-D1s - the first digital rangefinder. WHile only 6 megapixels, it take great shots and best of al takes Leica M-Mount lenses. I love it - in some ways I get results with this than my Leica M8. But that is another story. I mounted a Voigtlander 35mm F1.4 "Nokton Classic" lens on it for the day.


Nezu Shrine is a "Inari" of Fox shrine and has many of these orange Tori gates.


They make for some great photos.


Dog or Fox - you tell me. Some pretty crazy bokeh from the 35/1.4 lens here. An acquired taste I guess.


This camera excels at Black and White


Shrine detail.

© David Runacres 2014