Dogo Onsen

An Onsen is a Japanese style hot spring bath - and the Onsen in Matsuyama in Shikoku is probably the most famous of all. It even has a special bath for the Emperor, which I understand is not used very often at all. It is a very traditional looking wooden building that is strangely in the middle of a lot of modern development and looked over by a lot of high rise hotels that serve the curious like myself. I had my Mamiya 645 Pro with my and decided to shoot off a couple of rolls of Fujifilm ACROS B&W film to show of the details of this very lovely building. Medium format has a special look to it, that I hope comes out in these photos….


It is not the most balanced of buildings.


one side has the most lovely lanterns and pine trees. All over 150 years old I am told.


The details make this place special.


Return you keys here.


Lockers for those who soak in the bath, I especially liked number 123.


The entrance to the locker rooms.


The logo is on the curtain at the front.


Traditional blinds on the outside.


More pines and lanterns


Passengers in a rickshaw outside.

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