Fuji Astia 100

Sadly this is a blog post on a  film no longer produced. Unfortunately Fuji decided to end of life my favourite of all positive films - Astia. It was designed to be a medium contrast and softer colour film than the hooligan Velvia products and also there Provia products. I loved the results I got with this film - really natural looking colours, but quite vivid. It seemed to suit gloomy days quite well to. Probably not as good as Velvia for landscape, but certainly a very universal film. If you can find some, get it. 

SilverFast 00001200910251.jpg

Chinese New Year decorations. Luk Keng abandoned village near the Chinese border in Hong Kong. Taken on a Hasselblad 500CM.


Village shrine. Luk Keng Abandoned village, Hong Kong. Hasselblad 500CM.


Pot plant. Luk Keng abandoned village, Hong Kong. Hasselblad 500CM.


Life save tower number 2. Shek O beach on the eastern end of Hong Kong Island. Taken on a Leica M7 with Noctilux 50/1.0.


Finished Coca-Cola. Lei Yue Mun fishing village Hong Kong. Mamiya 645 Pro TL.


Sake barrels at a shrine. Akasaka Tokyo. Leica M7, Noctilux 50/1.0.


Bicycle and scooter. Kobe, Japan. Leica M7, Noctilux 50/1.0

M645 Astia 026.jpg

Rain guide. Yanaka, Tokyo. Mamiya 645 Pro TL.


Amusement ride. Asakusa, Tokyo. Mamiya 645 Pro TL.

Canon EOS1V Astia Scan-121117-0010.jpg

Shrine door. Kawagoe, Tokyo. Canon EOS1v 50/1.2L

Nikon F6 Astia Scan-121205-0001.jpg

Bug. Yutenji, Tokyo. Nikon F6, 50/1.4G


Buddha. Yanaka cemetery Tokyo. Mamiya 645 Pro TL.

Nikon Scan 2272011.jpg

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto Japan. Leica M7, Noctilux 50/1.0

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