Kawagoe is about 1.5 hours by train from central Tokyo. It is supposed to be one of the examples of an early Edo street with original buildings. Well that is kind of right. What it really is cannot be counted as very interesting. It is a street that is a permanent mix of pedestrian and car traffic name lined by tourist trap shops. Granted some of the buildings are interesting and there is a nearby temple that is quite significant, it is not really worth the trip. Here are some of the photos…..

Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121115-0002

There are some original parts of the old Edo palace now in the temple grounds. Canon EOS 1V with Fuji Velvia 100

Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121115-0006

And a really nice 2 level pagoda.  Canon EOS 1V and Fuji Velvia 100.


An extreme case of "family name graffiti". Canon EOS1Ds Mark III.


It was early autumn and the colours were nice. Canon EOS1Ds Mark III.


Built to last. Canon EOS1Ds Mark III


A traditional warehouse converted to a club. Canon EOS1Ds Mark III

Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121116-0011

The most famous building in Kawagoe is the bell tower. Canon EOS1V Fuji Velvia.

Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121115-0019

The usual grave markers are everywhere. Canon EOS1V Fuji Velvia

Canon EOS1V Velvia Scan-121115-0011

Guess where? Canon EOS1V Fuji Velvia

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