Kodak Ektachrome

The selection of films available - even in Japan - seems to be shrinking at a very rapid rate. We have recently waved bye bye to Fuji Astia (a brilliant film), Neopan 400 (B&W), Velvia 50 in large sizes and various other unique films. This has led many of us film types to go looking for alternatives. One of the alternatives I have been looking at for positive film has been the Kodak Ektachrome offerings. So I took the plunge and bought some rolls of E100VS version - expecting a muted look like Astia or Provia from Fuji. Well, that  is absolutely not the case now I have tried a couple of rolls. It is even more eye popping than Fuji Velvai, so I need to be careful where I use it. Here are some shots from a roll shot with a Nikon F3 and Nikkor 50mm F1.2 around my home in Meguro. You can tell it is hot weather now in Tokyo, I don't go very far to take pictures….

Let me know what you think.

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0012.jpg

A happy Shinkansen. Seems in need of a bit of a clean.

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0002.jpg

The entrance to the local bath house. Men to the left and women to the right.

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0006.jpg

I am not sure what is being stopped here.

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0015.jpg

Naked bulb - power porn maybe?

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0018.jpg

Rust never sleeps

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0004.jpg


F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0008.jpg

Narrow street. Someone has even damaged the sign.

F3 E100VS Scan-130819-0021.jpg

I hope the shops builds better wheels than this one.

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