Kodak Portra 400

Just like the Portra 160, this used to be available in NC and VC versions. Now it is simply sold as a single version as Portra 400. It is a really nice film, especially for medium format work where the grain is lost in the size of the negative. Colours are gorgeous and you can shoot it at the box rating of 400 without the need to over expose at all. I like the muted but still distinct colour representation of this film. I might just end up having this as my favourite colour negative stock. Still easy to find in Tokyo, but I understand prices are about to rise dramatically.

V500 Portr 400VC 012.jpg

Used prayer sticks in a Kyoto temple. Hasselblad 500CM.

35ti Portra400 044.jpg

Harry Potter was here? Nikon 35ti.

35ti Portra400 054.jpg

Wishes at the Hiejinja shrine in Akasaka. Nikon 35ti


Tea shop - Graham Street, Central Hong Kong. Nikon F3.

F6 PORTRA400VC 005.jpg

Slide. Nikon F6.

V500 Portr 400VC 005.jpg

Sake barrels. Hasselblad 500CM

V500 Portra400VC 103.jpg

Autumn. Kyoto. Hasselblad 500CM.

35ti Portra400 055.jpg

Directions. Hiejinja, Akasaka. Nikon 35ti

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