Leaving Hong Kong


Leavin' on a jet plane

Well, the time has come. I need to leave Hong Kong and move countries. Actually I have not been in Hong Kong continuously since 1987, having spent some time in Japan, Singapore and South Africa as well. This time looks like being a more permanent move. I am moving to Tokyo to take up a job there, that is a major watershed in my career and hopefully the sign of things taking off. I cannot yet name the company, or even the job itself, as it is not a) signed yet and b) announced anywhere. My start date is May 21, so I will jet out of Hong Kong on May 20th to Tokyo. In the meantime I am working out just how much of my life I can disconnect from Hong Kong and prepare to move.

One of the big challenges we face with the move is how to get our wondeful animals to Japan with the least stress and bother for them. They are now getting on a little in age and we are worried about them a lot. The Japanese animal import regulations are very strict and involve a 180-day period after blood tests for rabies before the animals can enter Japan. This means that Miki will stay on in Hong Kong during that period to take care of them while I work in Japan. It will be a difficult time for both of us, and I am sure for the animals. It is, however, a major improvement on the alternative, being 6 months in quarrantine in Narita or Haneda Airport in Japan.

So, the house is now being emptied of things that are not necessary, memberships are being cancelled and I am trying to sell my beloved car - not an easy job any of these. Then we need to find a suitable place in Tokyo to live and get everything moved there with the minimum of fuss. My camera collection will need special care, as will the wine collection. I am not looking forward to packing it all back into a new apartment when I arrive. I do think it has been a good exercise to get rid of a lot of stuff that really is past its use by date.

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