London First Time

I had to be in London twice in 3 weeks recently, and managed to get some free time on the first trip to wander around the centre of the city and give my cameras a bit of a workout. The weather continued to be amazing and i was quite luckily bathed in sunlight for the whole day until I ahd to race for Heathrow and my flight back. 

I was stunned by the numbers of tourists around - in fact English folk seemed to be hugely outnumbered. I was especially surprised by the number of Mainland Chinese in packs. The Police about seemed to be a little confused how to deal with these folks who had no respect for pedestrian lights or keeping quiet it seems. Still, it is the future of tourism and they have, after all, been invited.

I took my new Fujiflim X-series cameras and continue to have a love affair with these things - I cannot recommned highly enough. While the Sigma DP series might deliver better outright image quality, they are very hard to use and a pain on the computer to work with. The Fuji cameras give almost the same quality and are simple and easy to deal with. Horses for courses. I would use the Sigmas again in places like Kyoto to extract the finest quality, but the Fuji's in most other circumstances.


No prizes for guessing where this is. 


I just love the size of the flag on this - I felt like stopping and saluting.


British icon. Hard to find in other cities, but still common here.


There is something about Brtish brickwork that makes it really interesting - both the colour and the texture fascinate me.


Moe bricks - this time the wall of Saint James's Palace.


A British summer special - renting deckchairs to soak up what little sun is around. These are in Saint James Park.


The Police in Tokyo need this sort of discipline….


Remember this from the James Bond movies? The HQ of MI5. All very sinister.


A very compact townhouse - London style.


Student accomodations. Proof the 35mm F1.4 Fujinon XF lens has no distortion.


Westminster Washing.


Leavin' on a jetplane.

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