Nezu Analog

During my recent trip to the Nezu shrine, I took along both a Fujifilm X-E1 and some lenses and my Hasselblad 500CM with the standard lens. Here are some of the photos from the Hasselbld. I usually carry two film back, one with colour film (in this case Kodak Porta 160VC) and one with B&W film (in this case Kodak TMAX 400). I sometimes struggle a little with the colour negative films to get the right colour. I am not 100% happy with the results on Portra. I seem to get better results from Fuji PRO160 and PRO400 films to be honest. Let me know what you think….

V500 Portra160VC Scan-140204-0005.jpg

The side of the gates with the names of the donors.

V500 Portra160VC Scan-140204-0004.jpg

Some are starting to rot.

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140204-0004.jpg

Fabulous texture on the wood of the event stage

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140205-0001.jpg

More detail. Love the feel of these details.

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140204-0006.jpg

Another case of “sticker graffiti” so common in Japan

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140204-0005.jpg


V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140205-0004.jpg

High maintenance fence.

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140206-0006.jpg

Some of the smaller gates. I had to duck to get under them.

V500 TMAX 400 Scan-140205-0006.jpg

Enough for today. Some more Hasselblad shots coming up soon.

© David Runacres 2014