Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo is about modern as much as it is about history. In fact the city contains some of the most stunning modern architecture. For some time, Tokyo led the world in commissioning avant garde buildings. One of the most stunning is the Tokyo International Forum, a venue for meetings, shows and art near to Tokyo Station right in the heart of the city. It is a very graceful curved design that  emphasises glass and the steel structure that holds it all together. I was wandering around with my Hasselblad a few weeks ago and went in to escape the freezing wind outside - these photos are the result.

V500 TMAX400 Scan-140201-0003.jpg

Bright winter sunshine in the atrium. Kodak TMAX400.

V500 PRESTO 010.jpg

Handrail. Fuji PRESTO400

V500 TMAX400 Scan-140201-0007.jpg

The much photographed Information counter. Kodak TMAX400

V500 PRESTO 011.jpg

Small bridge. Fuji PRESTO400

V500 PRESTO 007.jpg

Detail. Fuji PRESTO400.

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