Walking Meguro River

I live in Meguro, it is quite famous for the river that is lined with Cherry Trees, so is a huge hit with photographers during the 1 week the blossom is out. For the rest of the year the river is really little more than a large concrete drain and can sometimes even get a little smelly. Both sides of the river from Meguro in both East and West directions is pretty well equipped with paths and pleasant places to walk, so sometimes my wife and I take our labrador for walk along the river. Last time we did that, I carried a Nikon F6 with me - along with my favourite of all Nikon lenses the Nikkor 50mm F1.2 AiS. A magical piece of glass. That and a roll of Kodak Portra 400VC and I was good to go. Here are some of the photos of wandering around urban Tokyo.

F6 Portra400 026

They really don't want you in here.

F6 Portra400 005

Tokyo is plastered with "Don't Even Think of Parking Your Bike Here" messages - they don't work.

F6 Portra400 007

Pink rabbits decorate a pedestrian underpass in Gotanda

F6 Portra400 024

Oddly this is the type of broom preferred by a very high-tech chemcial factory. Nice juxtaposition.

F6 Portra400 018

A smal graveyard along the way - complete with small pagoda.

F6 Portra400 027

"Hello Kitty In The Moon" - Japanese take on the man in the moon.

F6 Portra400 012

One tile missing

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