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Types of Film


Once many of the people I talk to have got over the question of "you still shoot film?" - I get a lot of questions around the types of film that you can use and what could be used in any situation. This is a very complex subject and one worthy of me writing down my thoughts on the subject. …

Sigma DP2 Merrill

Everyone who has used a DSLR or a Professional SLR will know that they are big, heavy and often garner surprised reactions when they are pointed at someone. I personally also get quite frustrated at the changing of lenses and I prefer to have a fixed focal length (also called prime lenses) over zoom lenses. …

Thinking in Black and White


We live in a colourful world - and most of the time we expect our photos of that world to show the colour we see ourselves. Some like more saturation and some less, some a slightly "cooler" view and some a "warmer" view, but usually we like to reproduce our vision in colour. …

Very high ISO Film

F6 Ilford 3200 006

As people who spend any time on this blog will no doubt know - I like to shoot film. In fact I prefer it over digital as it has a certain "look" and "character" to it. If film were people, high ISO film would be those in need some therapy. …

Pentax Spotmatic


My father taught me how to take photographs. My first camera was a very old 120 format Kodak brownie. I guess it was decades old when I got my hands on it. My father had a Pentx Spotmatic that he bought in the late sixties. …

Canon versus Nikon


In every walk of life it seems, there are classic "religious" arguments about who is the best at something. It could be Coke versus Pepsi, Ford versus GM, Apple versus Android - the list can go on forever. For mainstream photography, it is Canon versus Nikon. 



Well, as the saying goes - "The best camera is the one with you"… The iPhone is a great example of this. We are rarely without our precious telephones and today they generally can take pretty workmanlike photos as well as do mundane things like actually make phone calls. …

Scanning Film


I like to take photos on film. Not because I am too cheap to buy new digital cameras, but because a) I love the old film cameras and the timeless quality they have and b) I really like the results you can get with film. …

Hong Kong Protest


Sometimes black and white simply suits the whole thing better, like this photo of protestors last weekend in Hong Kong. While they were colorful enough, the bright yellow bus in the background would have made the photo a mess and distracted from the people and banners in the foreground. …

Digital Kyoto


This photo was taken on my last day in Kyoto. I had spent prior few days shooting film on old Nikon F3's. I got lazy and took my D700 out for this day and was very I did given these sorts of results. Sometimes digital helps a lot as you can see the results and adjust the process accordingly. …

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