A January Photowalk

Having spent some time with Dave Powell a couple of weeks earlier, I attended one of his Photowalks that are held on a intermittent schedule in Tokyo. This one one was inspired by the Coming of Age Day tradition of 20 years girls getting getting spectacularly dressed up in traditional Kimonos to go to events fro the special day. We started off in Ginza on a typical sunny and clear Tokyo winters day. About 20 fellow photographers in attendance. I was tired of constantly changing films, so I brought along my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1 bodies to ensure i could shoot into the evening without having to carry lots of higher speed film. These cameras are a delight to use and the results are simply amazing.


Where we begin in Giza 8-chome. Probably one of the most famous shopping areas in the world. Luckily for us we started before most shops were open.


Dave Powell does Ginza. Beware.


I am sure Enzo would be revolving in his grave at the idea of this branding exercise. A Ferrari folding bike.


US$300 for a pair of flip-flops. Only in Japan I guess.


A temple to digital goodness.


Later we ended up in Shibuya. Here I saw a new band name to add to my list of bizarre Japanese band names - this one called “Ripslyme”. Sits right up there with “Bump of Chicken” and “Flumpool” in my book. Amazing.


Now where else should one keep a jacket?


Dave photographing “leaning man”. I am not sure why, but this guy is often in Shibuya just “leaning” - not Dave, the guy in the distance. Dave doesn’t realise at this point how bizarre he looks.


Get up of the day - and the guy probably spent more time on his hair than his female companion.


Grass slippers anyone?

All this was a lot of fun, if a little bit old. We ended up having drinks and food in Omotosando before heading off in our own directions. 

© David Runacres 2014