Almost last - final rolls of Kodak E100VS


I in an earlier post, I am running down stocks of films that can no longer be found, last was PRESTO and now I am on my final rolls of Ektachrome 100VS. This is quite the colour hooligan film - even when compared with the colour-fest of Fujifilm Velvia. It doesn’t do shadow well, it can be more grainy than ideal for a 100ISO positive stock, but it is just right for some subjects. …

Lake Chuzenji - Some Colour

F6 Portra400 031.jpg

This is the second in the series from my visit to Nikko and Lake Chuzenji. It was a completely film trip for me, with a Hasselblad 500CM, a Nikon F6 and a Nikon F5 in tow. The F5 was used for B&W, the F6 was for colour and I had 2 backs for the Blad. I didn’t use much of the Blad as it was quite cold and it got cumbersome trying to juggle cameras and a light meter at the same time. …

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