During December I had to make a number of trips to Australia to see my Mother who was very ill. My parents had retired to Mornington in Victoria. It is a lovely small town that used to be a mixture of a holiday resort and small fishing port. Now it is home to many retirees. It was a typical Melbourne summer, being actually colder than the winter in Tokyo for much of the time. One evening I did get the time to take some of my Fujifilm X-Series cameras with me and take some photos. I did not know it at the time, but due to upgrading the firmware, the cameras had both been reset to shoot only JPEG files - so the files I got were not as flexible as I expected. Still, these cameras put out incredible JPEG files, so I was able to get some good shots.

Around Port Philip Bay where Melbourne is, there are some amazing beaches - and Mornington is no exception. A tradition is for the town council to sell spaces on the beach for residents to build  small “hut” that they can use - and these end up being quite mazing due to the diversity in design and the very bright colours that most people tend to use to decorate them. 


The view is very pleasant.


This is about all the fishing that happens these days.


The beach itself is fabulous.


Beach huts. One is for sale.


Not well taken care of.


Number 14.


Salty air rusts everything.


We called these “bunny tails” when I was a small boy.


Not many braved the water of Port Philip Bay.

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