Shibakoen Shrine

As you probably have guessed, I spend a lot of time photographing shrines - not a surprise given where I live and the tens of thousands of shrines that are all across Japan. Tokyo has a few very famous ones, like the Meiji Shrine and the Yasakuni Shrine, but one of the larger ones is in Shibakoen, right next to the Tokyo Tower, just a few railway stops from Tokyo proper. Much of it is not very old and is actually quite ugly, but there is a very special part of it, where small statues are erected to commemerate children who have died. They are very photogenic as the small statues are well cared for and sometimes dressed up for the seasons. I took a film camera and a couple of my current favourite Sigma cameras along this time.


There are may a dozen rows of these statues, each around 40cm high. Each has a small tube next to it and this time tiny windmill toys are mounted in them.


This guys looks like he should have a Harley Davidson parked outside.


It's surprisingly big in size.


The tomb of a former shogun is in the grounds.


Very impressive looking door.


Details are key.


Even the outside wall is interesting.

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