Shooting with Dave

Dave, a good friend of mine in Tokyo, and the creator of the ShootTokyo blog, often comes up with good ideas for where to go around Tokyo to run off some rolls of film. His recent acquisition of a Hasselblad means he was keen to get some practice in with his “beast”. The suggestion was to take the ShootTokyoMobile over to Odaiba and see what we could find. Having exhausted the view from both sides of a car park, and failing to find the monster Gundam that supposedly exists over there, we headed to Asakusa to have a look there. Asakusa was, well, packed. We fought our way around the locale and did not get anywhere near enough opportunities to shoot as we would have liked, but did vow to go back when fewer than a million of our friends would decide to join us.

I took two backs for my Blad - so ran colour and Black and White film. Here are some results.

V500 Velvia 100 007.jpg

The sky was a lovely colour and Velvia 100 was just right film to shoot it. This has to be one of the simplest amusement park rides you can get, but it seems popular. My first roll using my new 150mm lens for the Hasselblad.

V500 PRO160C 004.jpg

Rabbit’s backside? I guess this is just perfect for a restaurant door for rabbits. I love the muted colours of Fuji PRO160C film. I really struggle with getting the colours right for negative films, but feel I am getting closer now with some practice.

V500 Velvia 100 010.jpg

A very dirty lantern. Velvia can surprise sometimes for moody colour. It is best when contrast is not high.

V500 PRO160C 001.jpg

Sponsor advertising for the New Year festival at the shrine.

V500 PRO160C 003.jpg

More advertising. The amount of white in these photos really fooled my NikonScan soft are, but the Silverfast software worked it out just fine. The shame is that Silverfast is one of the most poorly designed user interfaces I have ever had the displeasure of using. Once you have worked it out, the results can be impressive.

V500 PANF 009.jpg

The Rainbow Bridge. The view in one direction from the Odaiba Car Park. Ilford PANF 50 film.

V500 TMAX 400 004.jpg

TV Asahi Building. The view in the other direction. Kodak TMAX400 film.

V500 PANF 010.jpg

Dave in action. Ilford PANF 50 film.

V500 TMAX 400 008.jpg

The ShootTokyoMobile.  You can never carry too much equipment. Kodak TMAX400 film

V500 Delta 100 006.jpg

A B&W version of the first shot. Ilford Delta 100 film.

© David Runacres 2014