Square Format

In todays "iPhone world" we seem to think that Instagram and Hipstamatic are ground breaking in outputting square format photos. We probably forget that this was the most common format for the past 100 years for Medium Format (MF) film. All the Hasselblad, Rolleis, Mamiya's and so on around this workd that were designed for square format film and output the most amazing quality photos in 6x6 format are simplyw aht inspired these software jockeys to develop square format photos. Personally I love shooting square format film - and I especially love my Hasselblad 500CM to shoot it on. It is a big heavy beast of a camera that sounds like nothing on earth when the shutter is fired. It stops traffic and makes small children go all bug-eyed when they see it.

I took this Swedish work of art for a spin around Naka Megruo with 2 x magazines loaded with Fuji Velvia and Kodak TMAX 400 film to get and black and white images from the back streets. Here are a few of them, some are the same photo using different film - which reinforces the fact that the moods of color and B&W are quite different.

Let me know what you think……

V500 400TX 007.jpg

You can often see some amazing old scooters around. Vespa is a real player in the Japan market. Kodak TMAX 400.

Vuescan V500CM Velvia 004.jpg

This weed has been able to really stand out. Fuji Velvia 100 positive film.

Vuescan V500CM Velvia 005.jpg

Abandoned chairs out the back of an old factory just off the Meguro River. Fuji Velvia 100 positive film.

V500 400TX 001.jpg

Change the camera back and bingo - a whole new photo of the same thing. Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 400TX 004.jpg

Someone is very focused on the dollar. This sort of "wall art" is quite hard to find in Tokyo. Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 400TX 006.jpg

Back door and dead plants. Not that well taken care of. Kodak TMAX 400.

If you have made it down here, I thought I might let you know how I scan these files. I have a Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner and used Nikon Scan on an old PowerMac notebook. The software is not avaialble for Intel. I then use Aperture to index them and crop/rotate as required.

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