Around My Home

I live in Meguro - part of Tokyo to the south of the main centre and just outside of the JR Yamanote circle line. It takes me around 35 minutes to bus, train and walk my way to the office in Akasaka - so by Tokyo standards it is extremely convenient. It is also a cool place to live, with many restaurants, shops and even some funky temples around to give it real character. I live near the old horse racing ground called Motokeibajo - quite a famous road junction and a small horse being all that remains today of that establishment.


A small waiting "room", outside a very nice little restaurant on the Meguro RIver.


This bear quietly sits outside of the cafe along the Meguro River. Seems in need of a wash.


Someone converted an old Citroen 2CV into a mobile coffee shop. Cool.


Local residents seem to have been able to make flowers bloom in the middle of winter. 


The small, but quite famous Daienji Temple is walking distance from my front door. 


This statue is gradually getting covered in gold. At Daienji Temple.

Nikon F5 Ektar 014

Not every building in Japan is a picture of organisation.


Small ceramic shops always make for nice photos.


There are some great places to drink Sake around my home.


Bicycles are often viewed as disposable objects in Japan.

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