Lake Chuzenji - Last Roll of Neopan 400 PRESTO

I took a long weekend break with my wife and went to Nikko, North of Tokyo, to look at the autumn leaves and relax in an Onsen. Lake Chuzenji is in a volcanic bowl around 2,000 metres altitude and fed from underground water sources. Next to the lake is a miniature version of Mount Fuji, around another 300 metres higher and perfectly symmetrical. I too along my Nikon F5 and F6 bodies along with some lenses. I loaded my last roll of Fuji PRESTO - a 400 speed B&W film. This is not made any more, so the last chance I will get to shoot it. It is quite grainy when compared with Kodak TMAX or similar film, but I like the mood.

Like a lot of holiday places in Japan, it has fallen on hard times and shows some real neglect. Additionally, since it is a lake, it has lots of swan shaped boats for the tourists.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0012.jpg

All around the north side of the lake you can see these swan boats hauled out of the water.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0018.jpg

Some are even shaped like helicopters. This one lost its rotor.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0017.jpg

Up close and personal with a swan.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0021.jpg

Temple grafitti and request for donation.

F5 PRESTO 023.jpg

More temple grafitti. This is a common sight in Japan. Usually it is a family name in a sort of “I was here” moment.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0007.jpg

There is a short fishing season in the lake - one of the few lakes still with native fish.

Vuescan F5 PRESTO Scan-141122-0008.jpg

Bleak weather. I was happy to get back to the Onsen and soak.

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