Meguro back streets

I live in Meguro, a very interesting part of Tokyo. It is one of the stations on the Yamanote Line that circles Tokyo - and is a great place to find restaurants and bars. Although it has to be said that almost eevrywhere in Tokyo is a great place to find restaurants and bars. A few weeks ago I sent my car into have a special paint treatment that would supposedly make it less susceptable to getting dirty (it doesn't work) and had an hour to spare until they called me. I took along my Nikon F5, a 50mm lens and a roll of Fuji Velvia 100 film to have a look around the back streets - a really good way to explore. Here are some from that roll…..

F5 Velvia 006.jpg

Eevry back street has some nice small restaurants - most have lanterns outside to advertise.

F5 Velvia 023.jpg

Many even have seats outside so people can wait for a table.

F5 Velvia 021.jpg

Eevrywhere there are flowers in pots. Most Japanese cities are ugly in the big picture and beautiful in the details, this is one reason why.

F5 Velvia 024.jpg

I really am not sure of the relationship between the flip flops and the statues.

F5 Velvia 027.jpg

The local shrine has evidence it is the year of the snake.

F5 Velvia 018.jpg

Harry Potter was here? Low tech brooms again.

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