More from the Beast - Positive and Negative

I am becoming addicted to the Pentax 67II. I seem to just work well with this camera and get around 6 out of every roll (that is 10 shots on a 120 roll) that I consider as “keepers”. That is high. The meter seems to be very accurate and I have yet to encounter an exposure problem - even with notoriously fickle positive film. This set is from Asakusa, where I reeled of one roll of Portra 160VC and one roll of Velvia 100. All were taken with the same 105mm F2.4 lens. They do show the difference in colour treatment between the negative film and the rather loud positive film. Both seem to work in this case…..

Pentax67 Portra160VC 001.jpg

I love this shop just outside of the temple. It seems to be dedicated to older performing artists and is decorated in their posters. It is a subject I will take a few more of to ensure i get it just right. The bike made a good counterpoint. This is on Kodak Portra 160VC - expired in 2011.

Pentax67 Portra160VC 009.jpg

Getting a fortune stick from the rather complicated draw system. Kodak Portra 160VC.

Pentax67 Portra160VC 006.jpg

A small shrine within the main temple complex. Portra 160VC.

Pentax67 Portra160VC 003.jpg

Chairs lined up outside of a small restaurant for clients to wait for a table to be available. Portra 160VC

Pentax67 Velvia100 004.jpg

The main lantern at the temple entrance. Garish colours, but a suitable subject - Fuji Velvia 100.

Pentax67 Velvia100 006.jpg

The other side of the same lantern. Also Fuji Velvia 100.

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