Nezu Again - This Time B&W

I have gone on a number of trips to the large shrine at Nezu, and you will continue to see more photos from there as I continue to try and get the best I can from the place.This time I took Dave from ShootTokyo fame along to try and get a few rolls of film shot off. I brought along my 2 Leica film bodirs - the M6 and M7 and a Noctilux attached to the M7 and a rather old Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM that is as old as I am, on the M6. The photos from the M6 were the first time I had shot B&W for a few months, so a roll of Fuji ACROS was the result. Here are some of the pictures from that roll….

M6 ACROS 002.jpg

Someone who REALLY like radishes.

M6 ACROS 005.jpg

Dave taking a photo of a mailbox. He has more cool Leica stuff than I could ever imagine owning.

M6 ACROS 003.jpg

A hat or some white gloves perhaps?

M6 ACROS 008.jpg

Yes, my lens does have a slight barrell distortion. I will forgive it some foibles though.

M6 ACROS 019.jpg

Temple details. I love the textures on this particular film stock.

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