Wanchai is a district on the main island in Hong Kong. It is one of the older sections of the city, and some of the older sections still survive. The old tram line effectively marks the original shoreline, so all the older stuff is south of the tram line. The oldest temple on Hong Kong Island still stands, now surrounded by developments, roads and double decker buses. I lived for years on the hillside above Wanchai and really love the place - it’s bustle, activity, raw energy and history all come together. I was in Hong Kong in March for the annual Rugby Sevens Tournament (my company has a box and we entertain customers there) and got a morning to wander around my old “hood” with a Hasselblad 500 and some Kodak Portra 400 film. I had them processed and scanned by Richard Photo Labs again - I cannot say enough about this service. It saves me a lot of time and effort, but even more importantly the results are stunning. 

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At the temple on Stone Nullah Lane, there is still evidence of the recent Chinese New Year celebrations. Real fire crackers are illegal in Hong Kong, so imitation ones are the way to go. Blessedly quiet.

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In the same temple - almost like ghosts - lanterns shine in the gloom.

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Also the sign of Chinese New Year - small orange trees.

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The main door is a forbidding sight.

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Approach with trepidation.

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Up on Star Street is a reference to John Lennon in support of the pro-democracy movement - hence the yellow.

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One of the few preserved tenements in Wanchai. Seems to be a place for thinking or sleeping.

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The former British Military Hospital on Bowen Road. It still shows the damage from the direct artillery hits during the Japanese invasion in 1941.

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Quaint - a box for Police to leave their “Beat Card” in. Some British stuff is still there.

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Not sure what the rusty old gate is or was supposed to protect.

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The irony of the advertising poster is not lost on me.

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