Wide Format Film

It is quite popular these days to shoot panoramic photos - the current version of the iPhone software even supports a panorama mode to get those wide shots. One of the original panoramic cameras is a very unusual camera that was actually the brainchild to the Fuji Film camera people and was subsequently adopted by Hasselblad - and called by them the XPan - and I am lucky enough to have one. This camera shoots FILM - that's right, some special chemicals deposited onto a strip and loaded into a light-tight box. I love this stuff and am rather depressed to note that it is harder and harder to get. Anyway, I digress. This wonderful camera is blessed with amazing optics from the 3 lenses available for it and spits out photos that are essentially the same format as 2 normal 35mm photos next to each other. 

Some examples….


"Various in Tokyo - Fuji Acros Film


Stonehenge - Fuji Velvia 50

Hartwell House 2200907265

Hartwell House - Fuji Velvia 50

Beer 2200907262

Fishing Boats - Fuji Velvia 50

Sicily XPAN 0008

Sicily - Fuji Velvia 50

Sicily XPAN 0006

Sicily - Fuji Velvia 50


Happy Valley taxi - Fuji Velvia 100


Temple - Fuji Velvia 50

You get the idea. This takes some getting used to - the format is not something most people have tried before. I find it takes me a few frames each time to get used to it. Once you have tuned in, it is a very interesting format and makes for a very different view of wherever you are. Now, there is no equivalent in the digital world and that means you need to get good at "stitching" photos together to make a panorama. 

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