Well, as the saying goes - "The best camera is the one with you"… The iPhone is a great example of this. We are rarely without our precious telephones and today they generally can take pretty workmanlike photos as well as do mundane things like actually make phone calls. I have an iPhone 4 - not a 4s - like seemingly 80% of Hong Kong. It is a fabulous phone actually a good camera. I love the fact that with software you can make it into almost anything from a 8mm movie camera to a "Polaroid-alike" camera. My favourite application of the moment is Hipstamatic, which takes some lovely square format old style photos. It allows you to choose lenses and film types as well, each with its own retro look and feel. It is more of a "camera simulator" than a "photo editor", which appeals to a gear head like myself. Here are some examples…...


Fire Alarm - on the wall of my apartment building in Hong Kong


Safety First - Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


Temple Door - Kyoto Japan


Clothes for Sale - SOHO Hong Kong


Hana the Labrador - My Front Room

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