Very high ISO Film

As people who spend any time on this blog will no doubt know - I like to shoot film. In fact I prefer it over digital as it has a certain "look" and "character" to it. If film were people, high ISO film would be those in need some therapy. I shot a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 the other week and had some mixed results. Now, full disclosure, I love shooting film, but am not into the chemicals and process of developing it myself - I leave that supposed experts.

Now onto the film. The Delta film is ideal for shooting in very dark situations - like jazz clubs and the like. It is so sensitive that the 120/220 rolls come with a sugegstion that you load the camera in the dark! I popped the roll into my Nikon F6 and fitted my Nikkor 50mm F1.4G lens to the front and decided to shoot around my local temple during the New Year celebrations. When I dropped the film off at my local processing place, they were impressed to see the film and claimed they had never seen this one before. They passed it on to Fuji film to develop for them. One week passed and I got it back - and eagerly headed for the scanner. 

The results were…….. Grainy. Not as bad as some I have seen from this film, but it certainly had that maniac character I expected. It makes me keen to see how the 120 rolls I have will look. I am not sure how well it has been stored either, so might buy a fresh roll to test soon just in case. I will also try some Neopan 1600 soon as I know that has some really good things to give. Let me know what you think of these photos.

F6 Ilford 3200 006
F6 Ilford 3200 017
F6 Ilford 3200 015
F6 Ilford 3200 013

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