A Roll of Ilford Delta 100

I am really getting to terms with my vintage Hasselblad 500CM camera - it really delivers on quality and slows me down in the process of taking photos. I find I have many more “keepers” with my “Blad” than any other camera. Photos become deliberate, with a careful composition and constant consultation with light meters and composing using backwards finders. Great care is essential in the process. I then have to wait at least a week to see the results. Sometimes the results are a little worrying as I have many times forgotten something important in the process. Often I find a whole roll with interesting results. 

Usually I use Fuji ACROS 100 B&W film, as I love the tonality and even light of the film. I did try some rolls of Ilford Delta 100 film recently - and find it a film with a lot more contrast. I thought I would post here and entire roll of this film, so show that you can actually get some pretty cool results if you take care.

My local major temple in Tokyo is Meguro Fudosan. I spent an afternoon there recently to take some photos. This is the 12 shot roll that was the result….

V500 Ilford Delta 010.jpg

This is the area where you cleanse yourself. It has a sensor so the water only flows when someone is near.

V500 Ilford Delta 001.jpg

And it looks like this…

V500 Ilford Delta 002.jpg

Tried to focus on the lock - marginally successful. Light was nice though.

V500 Ilford Delta 003.jpg

This one didn’t work out right, too much shadow - but the shoju bottle is in focus as I wanted.

V500 Ilford Delta 004.jpg

Carving detail - temples are made from wood as the construction can flex in an earthquake.

V500 Ilford Delta 005.jpg

Moody sign

V500 Ilford Delta 006.jpg

People leave “I was here” stickers everywhere.

V500 Ilford Delta 007.jpg


V500 Ilford Delta 008.jpg

More details

V500 Ilford Delta 009.jpg

Even more details

V500 Ilford Delta 011.jpg

Light usage of the wish rack - before the New Year rush

V500 Ilford Delta 012.jpg

Even more detail

So there you have it - all 12 shots from one roll of Ilford Delta. Let me know your favourite.

© David Runacres 2014