Daienji Shrine

Near my apartment is a very small, but very interesting little shrine. Dedicated to the memory of a fire that swept the old capital city of Edo, it has become a shrine with many children’s memorials. It also contains a small shrine to the girl who was burned to death for starting the fire - they took arson serisouly in those days it seems. It has hundreds of small statues on one side, each with unique faces and expressions and a very unusual stautue of buddah that devotees coat in gold leaf as a sign of devotion. All very interesting. This is the second time I have featured this shrine on this blog - but it is so interesting I think I can get away with it. I lugged my big ad heavy Canon EOS-1 DS Mark III body and a couple of my favourite “L” Series lenses with me. I hope you like it…


The status covered in in gold leaf.


Lovely flowers to brighten up a shrine on a dull winter’s afternoon


Still some autumn colours nearby in the afternoon sunshine.


Seems very thoughtful - pondering fires maybe?


Some of the small statues signifying the death of a child.


These dont have funky knitted hats. They are only around 30cm/1 foot tall.




Happy chap


Some fo the hundreds of statues on one side of the shrine. Each one different.


A closer view. Each is about 45cm high.


Strike here. The temple bell.


Final autumn colours.

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