Boats and Things

Sorry for being away for a while. This time I was luxuriating (?) in a hospital in Tokyo while having some surgery. Once I got back I did some huge scanning and editing session and now have some photos to put up here on the blog.

Tokyo, in fact Japan, is a maritime place. Fishing has often given way to cargo ships and containers, but sometimes you can still come across communities connected to the water - even in Tokyo. Asakusabashi is one such area. It used to be one of the fishing ports for Tokyo, but land reclamation and urban sprawl now sees the small estuaries full of pleasure boats and fishing platforms for weekend fishermen. They make for some interesting subjects.

I had just finished checking my Nikon F3 cameras and getting them CLA’d ready for some film work over the winter. For some reason I now have 4 bodies, of which only three actually work. I also picked up motor drives for 2 of them. It was a good chance to take one loaded with colour (in this case Fuji Provia 400X, which was surprising good) and one loaded with B&W film (in this case Fuji ACROS) and have some fun. I got back 4 rolls and had some good results. Feel free to let me know what you think. One day I will put a post up about my Nikon collection I guess, the family is extensive.

The colour photos are shot with a Nikkor 50mm F1.2 AiS lens and the B&W ones with a 35mm F1.4 AiS lens.

F3 Provia400X006.jpg

One of the shacks on the river intended to serve clients of the boats.

F3 Provia400X002.jpg

Polluted water actually might yield better reflections? Which way is up?

F3 Provia400X015.jpg

A small restaurant tried to make things a little more colourful.

Nikon F3 ACROS 013.jpg

Just how many fishing reels do you actually need?

Nikon F3 ACROS 014.jpg

Cluttered, but interesting.

Nikon F3 ACROS 018.jpg

Boss, black.

Nikon F3 ACROS 020.jpg

Bamboo awning.

Nikon F3 ACROS 021.jpg

The older girder bridge - built around 1910 - at least that’s what the bridge says.

F3 Provia400X005.jpg

Room with a view.

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