Out with my Blad

I love my Hasselblad 500CM. It maybe is not the coolest of cameras and it does use film. Mine is a little less than pristine, looking like it has been well used. I have a 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lens for it and 3 film backs, so I can choose the type and ISO of film to suit. It is simplicity itself. I use a very complex Sekonic spot meter to ensure I measure the light just right. This means I take my time, slow down and really think about my photos. Over the past couple of weekends in Tokyo, I have taken it out to enjoy the cool autumn afternoons and take some photos. These are from various parts of Tokyo and are probably very familiar themes…..

V500 Portra160VC019.jpg

This is a temple in Yanaka on the northern side of the city. The temple allows folks to wander around the buildings, just asking that you take your shoes off to protect the floors. A couple of Americans were taking in the sights, but didn’t know what to do with their shoes. They are supposed to be on the ground, but it made for a funny photo. Shot on slightly expired Kodak Portra 160VC.

V500 Portra160VC020.jpg

The same temple. An attempt to demonstrate the depth of field from my 80mm F2.8 Carl Zeiss lens. The gardens are in pristine condition. Shot on Kodak Portra 160VC.

V500 TMAX400 004.jpg

Also the same temple, you can just see the misplaced shoes on the right of the photo. Taken using Kodak TMAX 400 B&W negative film.

V500 TMAX400 005.jpg

Another shrine in the Yanaka cemetery complex. I thought the light was just perfect here. Shot with Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 TMAX400 007.jpg

A very insincere looking politician trying to get votes. The afternoon light in Yanaka was lovely that day. Shot with Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 TMAX400 022.jpg

Wishes hanging at the Meguro Fudosan temple on the south side of Tokyo, near where I live. This place is very dark and not an easy photographic subject. Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 TMAX400 015.jpg

A small used bookshop in Yanaka. Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 TMAX400 014.jpg

A small child left his toy at the Nezu Shrine in Northern Tokyo. Kodak TMAX 400.

V500 TMAX400 016.jpg

An old Penny Farthing bicycle in Meguro. Des not look very comfortable to ride. Kodak TMAX 400.

© David Runacres 2014