Next to the Tokyo Tower, there is a large park called Shibakoen - with all kinds of interesting things in it. Shrines, temples, an actual park etc. I love one of the temples as it has former imperial graves and a special section devoted to young children who died. These are not sad, but joyful memorials for a life that never got to be what they could have been. Some of the statues are decorated with clothes and toys. They make for great photography. I took along my Mamiya 645 gear and a light meter. All were shot using Kodak Ektar 100 colour negative film.

M645 Ektar 002.jpg

Some of the statues. Slight distortion from the Memiya Sekor wide angle lens.

M645 Ektar009.jpg

This one was ready for the New Year - in 2012

M645 Ektar010.jpg

There are hundreds of these statues.

M645 Ektar011.jpg

The small red hat is a feature of these children’s statues.

M645 Ektar022.jpg

Flowers in the Imperial graveyard

M645 Provia 400X 012.jpg

Japanese maple is lush during summer.

M645 Portra160VC 010.jpg

Tokyo Tower is just next door.

M645 Provia 400X 008.jpg

A detail of the main temple gate.

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