Elections in Hong Kong


One of the things (many things) that makes Hong Kong unique is the "One Country, Two Systems" environment we have. While we are all part of the People's Republic of China, we have a completely different setup of Government and only use Beijing (supposedly) for foreign affairs (for good and bad) and for defense. We have our own constitution - very boringly called "The Basic Law" - that is based in a large part on the common law found here under British times. It lays out many things, but seems to be deliverately vague on areas that might cramp the style of our Northen Masters when it comes to interference. We are now seeing that we are moving at increasing pace towards a "One Country, Once System" approach if we are not careful.

Last weekend we had an "election" in Hong Kong. No, not one as we know it is most of the rest of the world, as only less than 0.01% of the population of Hong Kong voted. A group of 1,900 or so "elite" members of the Hong Kong population voted for our leaders on our behalf. This group mainly comprised business people with very warped views of what is good for the general population in Hong Kong. Add to that, Beijing was happily "advising" every one of this group how they should be voting and we have a vote that makes a Singaporean election look like a hurly burly example of demcracy at its finest.

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