Going for a Walk

I have a Labrador - Hana - who is the love of my life. She has settled into Tokyo really well. At least once a week my wife and I try and take her for a 10+ km walk to give her a good exercise session and allow us to randomly wander around Tokyo. We tried to walk to Jiyugaoka - but in our usual fashion got a little last and ended somewhere else this time was Senzoku. This is not a problem in Tokyo as almost everywhere is interesting. We ended up at a large pond (or a small lake- you decide) that was a nice place to take some photos. It was absolutely freezing though, something my tropical body is still getting used to. Nevertheless the mood of the photos was worth it. I had a Leica M7 with a Noctilux 50mm F1.0 with me loaded with Fuji Velvia 100 film - guaranteed to be moddy in a saturated kind of way. Let me know what you think.

M7 Velvia100 020

The wife really looks cold and Hana looks distracted.

M7 Velvia100 023

Gradually increasing collection of two-wheeled things

M7 Velvia100 024

Kita-senzoku Station

M7 Velvia100 027

Barrier to entry - an overly complex and ultimately unsuccessful way to stop people riding bikes along a path. Pity the poor blind person who has to traverse the complex pathway.

M7 Velvia100 021

A random coning. See Dave's opinion of Japanese traffic cones at ShootTokyo - he is after all the foremost authority on the subject.


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