When I left Hong Kong in 2012, I was living in the Wanchai district on Hong Kong Island. This is fascinating part of town, and like every other part, it is going thorugh a remarkable transformation driven by the outlandish value of property in Hong Kong. It used to be a labryrinth of side streets with all kinds of shopping detlights - one street used to specialise in printed paraphernalia for weddings, while another had some amazing snake shops. All are now gone. Very little remains of the old Wanchai.

Ona  recent trip back , I ventured out with my camera before I needed to head to the office and took some photos. Today I had a Canon EOS5D Mark II and the wonderful Canon EF 35mm F1.4L lens. Let me know what you think….


The famous temple on Queen's Road East. This place is probably the oldest building on Queens Road. Still in daily use today.


Burned offerings outside of the temple. It seems almost every ceremony trying to bring luck involves fire. I am convinced that most HK Chinese are frustrated pyromaniacs.


Another burnt offering?


Whoever drank the contents of this case must have enjoyed themselves. Pape Clement 1988 is a very nice drop indeed.


Bamboo ready to aid yet another construction project. This sort fo sight hasn't changed for over 100 years in HK.


It's Chinese New Year, so eveyr business is decorated with their "Fook" (fortune) character to help the business along.

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